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Village Improvements


Lightwater has benefitted from the generosity and hard work of many volunteers over the years.  With Village Improvements, the idea was to build on the work that the Lightwater Village Improvement Scheme (L-VIS) were doing and integrate it with the litter pick team to create a team dedicated to improving the appearance of the village. Through a village pride statement, shared with residents and businesses, the Lightwater Society sees itself as the go to organisation to drive improvements to our village. The aim is to generate ideas and support at resident level and work with the Councils and statutory authorities to aid the process.


So far, the Society has been operating a very successful L-VIS team who, very enthusiastically do a fantastic job at keeping the centre of the village looking clean and tidy. This work is ongoing and we are working to see it expand to the rest of the village. The Society is also working, in conjunction with the Councils to raise funds to improve traffic through the village and upgrade signage especially those welcoming people to our village.

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